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"Disha noy dur, Disha ekhon Durgapur"!


      Disha Durgapur is situated at Palasdiha which is very near to Durgapur City Centre and covers an area of about 17,000 square feet approximately. It was inaugurated on 9th January 2012.

      Disha Durgapur was solely established to fulfill the needs of our esteemed patients residing in and near Durgapur, as they previously had to travel long distances to Barrackpore to avail specialised treatment. Disha Durgapur now cares for patients travelling all the way from places like Andal, Raniganj, Asansol, Dhanbad as well as Bihar, Birbhum, Bankura and Jharkhand.

      Our branch in Durgapur is a unit with the latest eye care facilities, modern techniques and treatment. Now it has a capacity of 25 beds, with a provision to be increased later. This unit has an outsourced Spectacle shop (GKB Opticals). Patients can avail of Medical Insurance benefits too.

      All the specialised eye care tests like OCT, DFA, DFP, Biometry, AP, NCT and Auto- Ref are available here. Although retinal surgery has not yet been started at Disha Durgapur, Retinal visiting consultants from Disha Barrackpore as well as Disha Sheoraphuly regularly visit our branch to cater to the needs of the retinal patients as well as other departments also. In case of retina treatment, the doctors only provide injection treatments like IVTA.

      The Departments and Services provided in Disha Durgapur are:


· Cataract

· Comprehensive Ophthalmology

· Cornea

· Glaucoma

· Oculoplasty

· Retina







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Disha Eye Hospitals, a Private Limited Companionship of Four doctor friends began on the 1st of May 1997 in the small town of Barrackpore to attend desperation for quality eye care respecting everyone's ability to pay. So overwhelming was the Common Man’s Pride, to buy quality eye care. DURGAPUR.....................

MBBS, DO, Fellow in Microsurgery & SICS, Aravind Eye Hospital
Anita Chatterjee
Arnab Das
Arup Bhaumik
Ayan Mohanta
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